Looking Ahead to 2019

I have four books currently in the currently reading/TBR pile will 100% get reviewed once I’m done reading them.

There were half a dozen books I read in 2018 that I never sat down and wrote a review about. Shame on me. I want this blog to be better but I slacked hard on putting in the effort due to my job and video games (my only other hobby besidea reading).

I’m hoping I can stick to my plan this time around.



I know I get barely any visitors but for anyone who is reading this, I’m waiting for my library holds to be available. Reviews will be coming!

Fire Logic by Laurie J. Marks

Rating 3.5 / 5 stars

My first time reading queer fantasy, surprisingly. But a great way to begin. Fire Logic is the first book in a quadrilogy called the Elemental Logic series. Fire, Earth, Water, Air. Fire, Earth, and Water have all been published and Air will be published next year.

Fire Logic introduces us to a land called Shaftal that has suddenly lost its leader Harald G’deon without him naming a successor. Horrible timing as Shaftal is being invaded by a people called the Sainnites. The main character, Zanja, is of the Ashawala’i people, from a valley north of Shaftal. She is drawn into the war and struggles to survive and make sense of all she encounters. She encounters users of all the elements, including her own fire.

An incredibly complex world filled with people who are equally complex, no matter their gender or status or sexuality. It’s just how things are. Fire Logic challenges you to think, to wonder how deep loyalty runs and why it should or not be that way. It’s violent and political but still filled with friendship and love. It’s multi-faceted and refreshingly not heterosexual.

I gave it 3.5 because while it is a great novel and a good start to a series, I finished the book scratching my head over the very worldbuilding I know I just praised. I spent some time processing what I read and I still don’t understand most of the lore. I want to read the rest of the series even though I know I’ll still be confused at the end of those books too.

What Just Happened?

The weirdest thing happened to me today. I was on twitter and I tweeted that I finished a debut novel by one author and then was gonna read a debut novel by another author. Decided to tag both authors. Lo and behold not just a few seconds later, I was blocked on Twitter by the author whose book I was going to read next. I had been scrolling through her profile right before I tweeted (to double check if I spelled her book’s title correctly) and was not blocked. Less than ten seconds (my tweet had a “9s” timestamp on it on my feed) I was blocked.

What the flying fuck? It’s your debut novel and you’re blocking someone who wants to give you money and read your book.

I thought maybe she was one of the authors who hates fan tagging but she has retweeted other people saying they were reading/had read her book. So nope.

I thought maybe there was something she didn’t like about my account. Nothing offensive, my last tweets were about cancelling Kindle Unlimited, my profile info just said I was into books and true crime podcasts. So… I don’t think so?

My last thought is that she had a beef with the other author I tagged (who did not respond and did not block me).

But still. What the fuck. I’m definitely not buying her book now. Fuck that noise.

2017 Year In Review and Goal for 2018

2017 was not a good year for me regarding reading.

Most books I read, I did not finish. Mostly library books that I tried to read but gave up before I even reached the halfway point. I did buy several books in 2017 but have not read most of them. I believe I purchased at least 8 books and I only read 3 of them. The rest sit on various shelves around my home.

I only wrote 10 reviews in 2017. Not even one per month. I’m ashamed of this. I want to do better in 2018. Additionally, there’s still one review of a comic book I finished around November that I still have not done.

Therefore my goal for 2018 is to publish at least one post per week on this blog and at least one of those posts must be a review. I do want to make posts other than recaps and reviews. I know I have close to zero views on this blog but I wish to do this anyway.

October Recap

Books read:


Books currently reading:

Batwoman Vol. 1: The Many Arms of Death by Marguerite Bennett, James IV Tynion

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Why Buddhism is True by Robert Wright

Books purchased:

The Tiger’s Daughter by K Arsenault Rivera

Books read but did not finish:

4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster

Placed on TBR:

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Super Sons Vol. 1: When I Grow Up (Rebirth) by Peter J. Tomasi

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

This volume collects Super Sons issues 1 – 5.

It tells the story of Jonathan Kent, the son of Superman and Lois Lane, and Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. Damian has taken on the mantle of Robin while Jonathan is called Superboy.

Both boys are amusing and likable. Their personalities make them obvious who their fathers are but the boys are able to easily show that they are unique. While Damian is annoyed Bruce is trying to keep him out of the field, Jonathan is struggling with an impending move to the city. Damian inevitably drags Jonathan into the field to hunt down some bad guys and the boys struggle to get along just as their fathers do. They bicker and fight but still manage to rescue a little girl from her evil brother.

I personally look forward to the next issues. Definitely a comic book I would purchase as a gift.

The only flaw was there were multiple pages with blank speech bubbles. I hope it was only a flaw in the PDF and did not extend to print copies.

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for this honest review.